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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. a 22-year-old man is in police
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custody after he stole a car with a huge woman and her young child inside and led police on a high-speed change -- with a woman and her young child inside. the forced his way into the woman's car wednesday night. the 24-year-old mother held her 20-month-old baby and jumped out of the car. neither were seriously injured. the car sideswiped a state police cruiser on i-95. police later pulled alvin over in bethesda. he faces a host of charges. a tragic accident in baltimore city tells a young girl. a car skidded off the road less evening and crashed into a tree. the force of the impact was so great the baby was thrown from the vehicle and killed. an adult and another child inside retreated for less serious injuries. ♪ >> falling breaking news into the 11 news are. u.s. district judge reggie walton clears a mistrial in the
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roger clemens perjury case. prosecutors were scolded dewyze for violating his order not to reveal certain evidence to the jury, warning it could put the whole case at risk. -- prosecutors were scolded twice. an anne arundel county man behind bars this afternoon, charged in his wife's murder. stephen salb was arrested early yesterday morning. there were no previous problems at the couple's home. >> he was very kind, considerate, just a gentle giant. >> but now stephen salb is behind bars and facing murder charges in the death of his wife. i around 5:00 a.m., anne arundel county police responded to the couple's home for a report of a domestic assault. >> officers and firefighters personnel got on scene and located a 38-year-old female inside with lacerations to the upper body. >> it is shocking, the violence of it.
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>> jill ann salb was rushed to a local hospital where she was announced a debt. her daughter was also hurt during the incident. -- jill ann salb was pronounced dead. >> the daughter had some non- life threatening injuries when she tried to intervene. >> one of my neighbors came over and tell me what happened. i was totally floored and sick to my stomach. things like that do not happened around here. >> a spokesperson for the police department says there are no indications of prior incidents at the home. wbal tv 11 news. >> a pair of accidents in anne arundel counties and two bicyclist to the hospital. and man was struck just before 8:00 a.m. this morning near cedar hill cemetery. the cyclist was taken to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries. and about 20 minutes later, crews were on the scene of another accident involving a bicyclist in glen burnie.
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a man believed to be in his '40's was hit by a truck near georgia avenue on crain highway. he was also taken to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries. mta officials responding to security concerns about the light rail station. two polls are being added to the station, while the existing lights will be upgraded to brighter bulbs. also, a security kiosk and additional security cameras installed. anne arundel executive will throw the switch on the improvements this afternoon. we will take a look of the new security measures tonight on 11 news at 5 at 06 o'clock. a former cardiologist at st. joseph's medical center accused of performing unnecessary surgery is no longer has a medical license. the maryland border positions took away the doctor's license based on recommendations from an administrative law judge. the doctor is accused of performing hundreds of medically unnecessary procedures, accusations he denies. in a statement, the attorney says they're disappointed with
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the decision, saying it denies their client the opportunity to save patients' lives. to read the judge's decision in its entirety, log onto our website, and click on local news. debt talks continue in washington, and the two sides are no closer to an agreement. the stakes are high. america's credit rating now hangs in the balance. kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> as debt talks continue in washington, it almost seems like things are getting worse. negotiations broke down at the white house. midis, one of the nation's top credit rating agencies, warns the u.s. may lose its aaa rating if the deal to raise the debt ceiling is not reached. ben bernanke warrant -- >> we default on the debt, and that would create, as i have said before, a huge fine edge calamity, which would affect everybody and would set job creation back very soon the
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meggin leigh. >> but the two sides may be farther apart than ever. they cannot even agree on how talks ended wednesday. republican majority leader eric cantor saying the president stormed out of the room. democrats claim that account is overblown. but the president did say enough is enough, urging lawmakers to stop posturing and do what is right. they will come together again today, but many are growing more pessimistic that any deal will be reached. >> if we follow down the line that the president is leading, it is just a delayed reaction from our credit rating to go down. >> you will see kind of a stalemate, no significant action on deficit-reduction right now, but no d fall. probably the best option at this moment. >> the house will come to order. >> as that deadline looms, pushing the debt ceiling and lawmakers to the brink. and there's another deadline to talk about. officials from both parties say the president has said tomorrow as the deadline to find an agreement on moving forward from
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here. i am kristen dahlgren, back to you. >> coming up, people in new york got a spectacular sight after a lot of rain. and fighting obesity by removing kids from their home. -- a look at this new proposal and your comments. the nominations are in. who took the top bids with this year's emmys and what are the baltimore ties? and we will answer your pet questions.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> hundreds pay their final respects to former first lady betty ford. a public doing was held this morning in grand rapids, michigan. later today, a motorcade will carry the casket from the gerald r. ford presidential news into a private funeral service. betty ford was 93 years old. she will be buried next to her husband. ♪ >> two local families, they both lose a child to sudden infant death syndrome, or sids, and other tax returns are rejected because someone steals their babies identities. it is a story we first reported during last year's tax season. a lot has happened since then.
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>> after we aired that story, we began to hear from more and more parents with similar circumstances. they were frustrated, because they cannot get any answers. and that is the same thing terry and stephanie first told us. their daughter was just five months old when sids snatched her way. since we first spoke with the family, there were invited to testify in washington. >> i think they're just going after any numbers that they can get and claiming any babies that they can. >> they had been waiting well over a year for answers from the federal government, wanting to know how their daughters identity could be stolen. >> do you have any knowledge that the irs has made any effort to catch the thief? >> tonight at 11, did these grieving families get an explanation of what happened? and can the federal government do anything to prevent it from happening in the future? from the 11 news by a team, i am lisa robinson. >> still to come, a few surprise
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nominations for this year's emmys. a breakdown in the bids, next. and the childhood obesity rate is alarming, a look at a new proposal to curb the problem. >> it is a nice afternoon. the stormy weather has gone away. those are really hot and humid conditions. we will talk about the forecast and when all the returns. right now, 79 at the airport. but look at the humidity, 39%. that feels good. >> got to love that. we have the doctor from the animal hospital here to answer your pet questions. you can e-mailai [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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>> the race is on for a tv's top honor. the nominations for the emmy awards were announced this morning. here is a look at some of the major nominees. >> with three straight, wins as best tv drama, "mad men" as a chance to make a four in a row.
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best drama was one of the show's 19 nominations overall, the most of any series. jon hamm and elisabeth moss also got individual lead acting nominations. the competition for best drama includes two age be a series. "game of the runs" and "board what empire." also for best drama, thede showtime series of, xter" and cbs the good life, and friday night lights. there also individual acting honors for friday night lights. modern family led the pack the monjack comedies with 17 nominations, including best comedy. also in the chase for that award are the big bang theory, glee, and the office, 30 rock, and parks and recreation. steve carell got his sixth nomination as best actor in a comedy. it is an award he has yet to win. among his competitors includes
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matt leblanc. the mes will be handed out on september 18. received ae's own nomination for best supporting actor for his role on "the goodwife." best of luck to him. check out the full list of nominations on our website, the next video almost looks like a scene out of the movie. italy's mount etna spewed lava and ash under the backdrop of a nearly full moon. molten rock hundreds of feet above the crater's rim. the ash flow stock to nearly 12 hours at the eruption. a special treat for people in manhattan. look at this rainbow over central park wednesday. if you look closely at the left side, you'll notice there are two rainbows. there may not be a pot of gold at the end, but we're guessing this site managed to put smiles on a few faces after dealing
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with heavy rain. kind of like we feel with john. >> now your forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> thank you for that. a beautiful day today. beautiful in its new york, too. some nice dry air has moved in two of the stormy weather in the south, most of it in the gulf of mexico. you can kind of see it on the radar. it is cleaned up the eastern part of the country. let's take a look at what has happened here in july. we have had some really hot weather. not only in july but the summer. three 90 + days. 18 days so far this year. we will keep the tally going. only one of those days so far has been up by the 100-degree range. at the airport, 79. annapolis, 77. boardwalk, 78. 77 year. 81 in frederick. 60's in the far western maryland. look at the dew points, they
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have dropped down considerably. if it is in the 70's, it is really sultry, like the amazon jungle. but when they dropped into the 50's, as you see, really dry air. very comfortable air. that is what we're experiencing. relative humidity is about 39%p%ollen count is not bad. mold spore in the moderate range, too. look at a satellite image. a storm of the new england coast. nova scotia. that is around in the atlantic. the cold front is way out in the west. a big area of high pressure coming in. this is the dry air and abuse of conditions. there is the high over the great lakes, reaching from up in eastern canada. the air flow is a northerly air flow, bringing in that nice cool air. the movement has pushed the stormy weather down to the south of us. at the moment, storms in the
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midwest cannot get into this high, so we do not have any rain in our forecast for the next few days. sunny skies and a very comfortable. 83 to 80 for the high, normal range. beard is a tentative -- the winds that sent the 15 miles per hour. wind gusts up to 20 expectant in the northeast. one to two foot chop of the waters of the open bay. this big area of high pressure sitting over us. or the next day or two, it goes further east. once we his saturday and sunday, we will begin to see more southerly flow. we will still be under the influence of that high, but it will not be quite as dry. the humidity will start sneaking up. this goes for ocean city as well, a similar forecast. 86 today. 87, friday. 89, saturday. 93 and a little more humid on sunday. we slowly heat up by early next week and maybe some rain chances. ♪
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>> dr. allen from the animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. you brought miley, what a sweet heart. >> she is a 1-year-old cat mix. >> surtax is spoiled rotten. >> she is spoiled, but a little nervous. she is up for adoption. give us a call if you're interested. >> good, she is very sweet. how about some questions? i have a mix that sheds uncontrollably in the wee bit and brush her often. is there any supplement that we can give her? >> that is probably one of the most common questions we get about dogs and cats if they're shedding. >> especially this time of year. >> and keeping the house clean. it is unfortunately one of the few things i do not have a great answer for. there is nothing we can do to stop their shedding. the only thing we really can do
12:21 pm
is brushed them as frequently as possible. >> accounts with the territory. >> exactly. >> my lab did severe infections like crazy. it returns in one to two weeks and once it clears up. >> the most common cause for dogs to get ear infections is allergies. there probably have an underlying allergy. talk to your vet about that. it could be a food allergy or environmental. at that stage, treating is probably not good enough. >> another allergy-related question. i have a dog with allergies to grass and pollen. why does it cause their feet to swell? >> histamine can relieve some swelling, just like us. we just heard with antihistamines. talk to your vet about maybe getting a dose of benadryl.
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>> try and keep them away from the grass. thank you so much. nice to see you, as always been a hopeless and that it will adopt miley, very sweet cat. you can e-mail your questions to us and a visit our web site,, click on family. or send your questions to our address -- ♪ >> in today's medical alert, should obese children be taken from their parents and placed in foster care? that is what the journal of the american medical association suggests. it states that in extreme cases, placing children temporarily in foster care may be more ethical than obesity surgery. >> we're talking about children who are not simply obese or overweight. we're talking about children who have not only the health issues, but we have parents whose behavior is seen as
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neglectful. if we believe a parent is being neglectful, we would always consider whether or not that parent is an appropriate caregiver for a child. >> such extreme cases are described as children whose obesity creates medical complications and whose parents are deemed intentionally neglectful. well, we have heard from nearly 100 and beyond our facebook page. the majority of you disagree with the proposal. robert rights put in foster care, no, put on a diet, most certainly. a few of you to get different stance. amanda said, yes, morbid obesity is child abuse. you can leave your comments on the most talked-about stories of the day on our facebook page. we appreciate all the posted. next, your maryland lottery midday pick three at the four numbers. we will get another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay wit
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>> time for your maryland lottery midday victory and picked four numbers. ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> the afternoon. here we go for the midday picked three numbers. 6, as printed on the ball. a 9. final number is 8. winning big three -- 6, 9, 8. up next, pick four, in a moment the first mother to the great ways to enter the maryland lottery double play contest. double play and scratch-off for
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a chance to win cash and orioles prizes. pick four. thank you, uncle bob. 0. 7. 4. final number in the big four game, 6. 0, 7, 4, 6. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> john is back with a pretty perfect day. we thank you. >> of the week and will be pretty close to that, too. but at ocean city. a lot of sun. low to mid 80s. there'll be a bit of a surf, so be careful. here's the seven-day forecast. no rain until early next week. but the week and, especially senate, the humidity will go up and we will get back to the 90's's.
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>> we love it. thank you. and thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> follow breaking news and the weather any time at
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